Hannah’s Story:
From Level 3, to Level 5, to a Bright Future Ahead


At Impact Futures, it’s always great to hear from learners on our programmes. We have thousands of individuals, of all ages and a variety of backgrounds, working to improve their career prospects and expand their skill sets.

Take Hannah Cowles, for example. Hannah is employed at Home Instead in West Leicestershire & Market Bosworth. She is currently completing a Level 5 Leader in Adult Care apprenticeship, funded via a levy transfer from The Access Group (a larger company) to her employer (an upcoming SME).

Hannah is one of a number of learners to benefit from this sizable £400,000 donation. The Access Group is excited to support Home Instead staff who are looking to develop, and learn new skills.

Impact Futures sat down with Hannah to talk about her experience so far, and how she’s finding life while balancing leadership and learning.

Hi there! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Hannah. I’ve worked in some form of care work since I left school. In 2019, with absolutely no premonition of the coming years and what COVID-19 would bring, I took the plunge into a completely different line of work - Broadband Communications - with a very well-known company. I worked in technical faults as we fell into a pandemic. I stayed put, given the circumstances, and was given the opportunity to become a Cover Manager in training. Doing this brought out a different side to myself. I thought, “When the time is right, I’ll go back to care in some form of management.
That’s relatable for so many people - exploring work in a different sector, while knowing what your true calling is. What happened to bring you back into the care sector?
When the opportunity for a Field Care Supervisor arose at Home Instead, I applied for it with little confidence, as I’d tried to progress in care roles many times before with no luck. However, the little bit of management experience I’d gained had clearly helped, because I succeeded through my first and second interviews, and received an offer of employment.
Fantastic! Is this how you came to be learning with us?
Yes. I started in my role, and was quickly drawn to the offer of completing a Level 3 apprenticeship in Team Leader / Supervisor care work with Impact Futures. Better yet, my apprenticeship would be covered by levy funding! So, I jumped at it instantly. How could I not when a free qualification is being offered?
This is why levy transfers are so impactful. They enable those in smaller businesses to rise up and fulfil their potential. We’re so glad you’re benefitting from it. How did you find the course?
I really enjoyed my Level 3 apprenticeship. As a person with very little skills in management, trying to supervise a team of 80-100 Care Professionals was tough at times. Managing my workload, managing other people, dealing with complaints, incidents - the list is never-ending.

My apprenticeship taught me practical methods and theoretical models that I could apply every day. I became a much better supervisor within a year and a half. I passed my apprenticeship early with a Distinction. I was already proud of myself, but then I was promoted to Care Professional Lead!
Congratulations! That’s incredible! How’s everything going so far?
In my new role, I now have HR-type responsibilities, and much more oversight of training and development. I also line manage some office members. Given my new responsibilities, I wanted to get straight into a Level 5 apprenticeship for Leader in Adult Care, again using levy transfer funding, so, there was no cost to my employer this time either.

I’m a few months into this course now. I’m finding it more challenging than the Level 3 apprenticeship, especially since I have less time as a manager than a supervisor. However, my apprenticeship coach is so lovely to talk to, and very understanding of my limitations. They’re always there to reach out to if I need help.
That’s so great to hear. Sounds like you’re challenging yourself in positive ways, and that you have a clear vision for your future. What are your goals going forward?
I’m excited to see what opportunities come from my Level 5 apprenticeship. If it’s anything like the first time around, I know there will be amazing things to come from it.


Hannah’s journey is a prime example of how levy transfers help professionals who might not otherwise have access to the training they need. Impact Futures works with businesses to facilitate these donations within government-legislated criteria. It’s also an indicator of how learning with Impact Futures can improve career prospects, and open doors to further opportunities.

Hannah’s learning journey continues to this day, after recognising the impact her first course had on her career. She has already experienced the benefits of achieving her Level 3 diploma. Her Level 5 qualification promises to take her even further. Her future looks very bright indeed.

Whether you’re a business looking for effective staff training, or an individual seeking a path to professional success, Impact Futures offers a variety of solutions that will enable you to thrive.

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