NIKKI’S JOURNEY: From Skills Bootcamp to career success


At Impact Futures/The Childcare Company, we are seeing more and more that the transformative power of our Bootcamps is undeniable. Delivered 1 day per week over 10 weeks, these intensive, short courses can open a world of opportunity for learners of all ages and circumstances. 

Nikki Burnell is one such learner. Her story is one of determination, flexibility, and the power of community support. As a single mother with a keen desire to pursue a career working with children, Nikki found herself at a crossroads, seeking a pathway that would accommodate her busy life while offering the skills and qualifications needed to kickstart her career. 

Join us now as we look back over Nikki’s journey, and what it made possible for her.


Nikki joined our inaugural cohort, meaning that she was one of the first to commit to the Bootcamp. She realised early on that the process would equip her with the essential skills to get her ambitions off the ground, and enable her to successfully juggle learning parallel to parenting.

The Early Years Skills Bootcamp offered Nikki the opportunity to study online at her own pace, with the added benefit of in-person training sessions for our first aid course – a balance that met her needs.

"I loved how the team mucked in together and supported each other," Nikki shares, reflecting on the camaraderie and solidarity within her cohort. This sense of community bolstered Nikki's confidence and propelled her forward on her learning path.

One thing that stood out for Nikki was the Bootcamp’s flexible structure. "Being a single mum, the flexibility to do the workbooks and online learning really worked for me," she explains. This adaptability helped Nikki to engage with course materials on her terms, ensuring she could fully commit to her studies while managing her family responsibilities.


After 10 weeks, Nikki successfully completed the Early Years Skills Bootcamp. Her hard work and dedication paid off. Armed with newfound knowledge and confidence, she secured a job at Just Imagine Nursery in Canvey Island, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her career, as well as the next logical step on her learning journey.

"I really want to progress, so, I am excited to start my Level 3 apprenticeship," Nikki enthuses, highlighting her eagerness to continue her professional development and seize new opportunities for growth.


Nikki's experience exemplifies the transformative impact of Skills Bootcamps, offering individuals the chance to upskill, pursue passions, and embark on fulfilling career pathways. At Impact Futures/The Childcare Company, we are committed to empowering learners like Nikki - and potentially, you - to achieve their goals and provide the perfect springboard for future success. 

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