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Impact Futures and OSJCT have committed to working together to ensure all levels of healthcare professionals are upskilled with the right qualifications and knowledge to ensure those most in need of support have access to the high-quality care they deserve.

To date, 700+ of OSJCT’s healthcare professionals, of various roles and levels, have successfully completed their apprenticeship training and achieved their qualification.

In 2023 alone, 220 OSJCT team members are currently on programme and positively progressing with their studies.

We collaborate with the charity to develop and successfully deliver bespoke apprenticeship programmes that don’t just meet industry standards but exceed them.

We go above and beyond to support our partner, and collectively, we place people at the heart of everything we do.


People love to live and work at The Order of St. John Care Trust – and we feel the exact same about this wonderful charity. At Impact Futures, we’re so proud of the successful partnership we have established and the great work we are embarking on together to better the lives of those most in need throughout the country. 

Many years from now, when we look back on our legacy (and the enormity of what this encompasses and means), we hope to be remembered for the positive impact we had on individuals and communities throughout the country, specifically how we played our part to better the lives and opportunities of others through the prosperous partnerships we fostered.

Perhaps one of the most transformative partnerships we have established, which has been integral to us in our bid to better society through industry-relevant training, is with The Order of St. John Care Trust (OSJCT) - a brilliant charity whose sole purpose is to provide the best possible care to some of the most vulnerable people in society. Through our mutual collaboration, we’re proud to have supported OSJCT to not only redefine the standards of healthcare training but also to continue to be a beacon of positive change within the sector.


OSJCT is one of the UK’s leading not-for-profit care providers, renowned for its rich history and, most importantly, for placing those most in need at the heart of everything they do. For the charity, it’s not just about delivering incomparable care services at the highest standards but building communities where everybody is welcomed.

The charity is underpinned by the ethos of its sponsoring Orders, The Sovereign and Hospitaller Order of Malta and The Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem and draws upon this remarkable heritage to ensure quality is at its core. Like Impact Futures, OSJCT prides itself on its dedication to people - whether it’s its clients in need of care and support, their families and friends, the internal staff members and volunteers who work within the charity, or anybody else who happens to come across this delightful trust.

The life-changing care services they offer, accredited by the National Care Forum through its “Quality First” framework, remain industry-leading and innovative through the ongoing training and apprenticeship opportunities and often requirements for specific roles that the charity promotes to its team. Now, enter Impact Futures and the start of a lasting and important partnership.


In 2017, Impact Futures were delighted to welcome our visionary director of relationships Imelda Jones to the organisation, whose wealth of knowledge, 20+ years’ experience working within the education and skills development sector, and unwavering commitment to training, breathed new life into the organisation. Alongside a plethora of marvellous professional and personal attributes that positively impacted us, Imelda brought a long-standing partner, OSJCT - a relationship already steeped in trust, shared values, and a drive to make a real difference in healthcare. From this, a great partnership emerged between Impact Futures and OSJCT, which has grown from strength to strength over the last 6+ years, as we have listened, supported and guided the charity on the best way to utilise their Apprenticeship Levy to continue to deliver their industry-leading services and retain the best team to ensure this is possible.

OSJCT’s vast experience within the healthcare industry, and most importantly, their drive and commitment to lead the sector and always be better for their people, coupled with our knowledge, understanding, and approach to training and education, served as a vital pre-requisite for the successful partnership we have established. From the outset, we were committed to working together to ensure all levels of healthcare professionals were upskilled to ensure those most in need of support had access to the high-quality care they deserve. The synergy between us became the catalyst for innovative training programmes that have redefined the realms of quality care, and our collective dedication to this remains just as strong today as it did all those years ago.

Imelda Jones

Director of Relationships & Enrolment at Impact Futures
“The OSJCT is committed to bringing something fresh and unique to healthcare by delivering the best workers that make a real difference, but also by fostering a real sense of community, whereby they recognise and celebrate the team and their successes. It’s our absolute pleasure to support them on their journey and deliver training that positively impacts so many in local communities throughout the country”


Recognising the unique requirements of OSJCT and the demands of the progressive and ever-changing healthcare sector, Impact Futures continue to collaborate with the charity to develop and successfully deliver bespoke training programmes that don’t just meet industry standards but exceed them. Through mutual collaboration and ongoing, regular catch-up meetings (both in person and online), we have tailored training that ensures OSJCT’s diverse team is equipped with the skills, knowledge, qualifications, and capabilities to deliver compassionate and high-quality care. The current programmes available include:

Level 2

Adult Care Worker

Duration: 16 months including End-Point Assessment

Suitable for: Care Assistants, Care Workers, Support Workers and other associated job titles

Level 3

Lead Adult Care Worker

Duration: 18 months including End-Point Assessment

Suitable for: Care Officers, Care Supervisors, Senior Care Workers and other associated job titles

Level 4

Lead Practitioner in Adult Care

Duration: 21 months including End-Point Assessment

Suitable for: Care officers, Care Supervisors, Senior Care Workers, Care Team Leaders and other associated job titles.

Level 5

Leader in Adult Care

Duration: 21 months including End-Point Assessment

Suitable for: Registered Managers, Assistant Managers, Deputy Managers, and other associated job titles.

Level 5

Operations or Departmental Manager

Duration: 21 months including End-Point Assessment

Suitable for: Junior managers looking to gain an understanding of management practices and techniques, but is also beneficial as refresher training for experienced manager

Level 7

Senior Leader

Duration: 18 months including End-Point Assessment

Suitable for: Those already working in a senior management role, ready to influence at a higher organisational level, including sometimes at Board (or equivalent) level


Like many post-pandemic, we have taken a blended approach to learning, offering a mix of online meetings, in-person catch-up seminars, observations, and, where necessary, face-to-face training.

Our adaptable and unique approach to training has seen us develop other bespoke programmes beyond the apprenticeship offer outlined above. For example, at Impact Futures, we are currently in the process of piloting a Level 3 Diploma in Dementia to not only meet the needs of the OSJCT but to also meet the demands of these service requirements within the care sector.

Our commitment to bespoke training outlines the dynamic and adaptive nature of our partnership and reflects a shared dedication to not just keeping pace with change but leading the way in shaping the future of healthcare training and services.


The partnership between Impact Futures and OSJCT is a shining example of how collaboration, innovation, and a drive to be better can create lasting change and positively impact people and communities throughout the country.

Through bespoke training programmes, strong communication links at all times, continuous employee development, and a shared vision to make a measurable difference, we’ve set a new benchmark for excellence in the healthcare sector.

It's a true testament to what can be achieved when education and care unite in the pursuit of a common goal – and this is only the beginning. We are so excited to continue growing our partnership and collaborating to bring about change in the delivery of much-needed healthcare services.


Our ability to develop and maintain strong communication links in all our partnerships enhances understanding, fosters collaboration, and ensures an effective learning experience that leads to successful outcomes.

Trust and transparency are essential to building a successful and strong partnership. They allow us to create conducive and positive training programmes and experiences, increase productivity and promote efficient exchanges of ideas, feedback and expectations.

Our collaborative approach enhances our understanding of our partner’s needs, positively impacts our ability to work towards achieving a common goal and increases efficiency through shared skills and expertise.

At Impact Futures, our sector knowledge and expertise set us apart from the rest. It means we can tailor bespoke learning programmes that enhance learner engagement and increase overall success in the professional development of individuals within various industries.


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