Understanding Behaviour that Challenges:
De-escalation without Physical Intervention

per learner

Qualification overview

This training will equip learners with a detailed understanding of challenging behaviour including how to support positive behaviour, the importance of effective communication in managing behaviour, and the role of reflection and support for those involved in incidents of behaviour that challenge.

What will you learn?

What is meant by the term ‘behaviour that challenges’?

The importance of positive behavioural support

How to recognise changes in individuals that may indicate an episode of challenging behaviour

How to decode behaviours and the hidden meaning behind them

The laws around keeping yourself and others safe

De-escalation techniques and strategies

How reflection and debriefs following an incident can assist in managing future behaviour

The benefits

Course duration

This virtual training course with the modules above is typically delivered within 3 hours.

Gain a CPD Certificate of Attendance

Upon successful completion of this course, as well as lots of new skills, you will have earned a CPD Certificate of Attendance.

Develop your career pathway

By completing this qualification, you can put your certificate towards establishing a long-standing career pathway within the healthcare sector.

Make an impact

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