The new Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate:
Ten top employers questions answered

Subject to Ofqual approval, Impact Futures will be offering the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate to prospective learners very soon. In preparation for this brand-new qualification, we understand that, as care industry employers looking to roll this out to employees, that you most likely have a whole host of questions, along with a deep curiosity as to how this will benefit your business.

This article presents 10 top queries about how this certificate stands to benefit care providers like you, and how it holds real value – particularly if you’re struggling to source certified staff.

Let’s dive straight in.

Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate

1. What is the new Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate?

The Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate is an exciting new qualification, developed by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) in collaboration with Skills for Care. Launching in June 2024, this certificate is specifically designed for individuals working in adult social care settings. It aims to equip staff with the essential skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to excel in their care roles, and elevate the quality of care delivery across the country.

2. Who is it for?

This certification is designed for individuals aged 19 and over who are working in direct adult social care roles. Positions may include:

  • Care workers
  • Senior care employees
  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Community support staff
  • Individuals in outreach roles

50% of the current care workforce don’t hold an accredited qualification. So, this certification will help to legitimise those experienced and committed colleagues who deserve to be acknowledged for their skilled care, and see a path to progression mapped out before them.

3. How will the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate benefit care organisations?

Unlike the existing Care Certificate, this new qualification will be accredited, ensuring its quality and recognition across different roles and organisations. This means learners won’t need to retake the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate if they completed it in a previous role, allowing them to ‘hit the ground running’ when they join your organisation - saving both time and money for you and your stakeholders.

4. How is the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate funded?

The UK government is launching the new Adult Social Care Training and Development Fund, which will operate as a reimbursement scheme, allowing to claim back the full cost of course fees up to £1,500 per learner. £53.91 million has been allocated to supporting up to 37,000 individuals in non-regulated direct care roles. To qualify, these individuals must enrol onto the new qualification by March 2025.

There is also the option to claim for 60% of the course costs back before the learner completes the course, as long as you’re able to prove their eligibility for funding, and that
they have successfully begun the course. Then, once the learner completes the certificate, you can claim for the remaining 40%. Visit [LINK TO PRESS RELEASE] for more details on this.

5. What are the criteria for funding eligibility?

Learners must be aged 19 and over to enrol and receive allocated funding. England-based Adult Social Care providers, in both Care Quality (CQC) regulated and non-regulated care settings, can apply for reimbursement of course costs for new and existing staff undertaking the learning. Learners must also be working in direct adult social care roles. As the employer, you must be registered on the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (AS-WDS).

6. What does reimbursement cover?

Reimbursement only covers the cost of the course itself, and not associated costs, like travel, for example. Funding will only be for eligible employees that start the course between 3 June 2024 and 31 March 2025. All reimbursement claims for learners who take the course within that time will need to be made online before 31 March 2027. Visit [LINK TO LANDING PAGE] for more information.

7. What subject matter does the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate cover?

The qualification covers 15 key topics and areas (subject to Skills for Care and Ofqual approval). These include:

  • Understanding own role
  • Personal development
  • Duty of care
  • Equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights
  • Working in a person-centred way
  • Communication
  • Privacy and dignity
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Awareness of mental health and dementia
  • Adult safeguarding
  • Safeguarding children
  • Heath, safety and principles of basic life support
  • Handling information
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Awareness of learning disabilities and autism

Modules are structured to provide learners with both the practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and critical behaviours that directly apply to roles in the adult social care setting. Individuals who obtain the new certificate will be equipped with the ability to deliver compassionate, person-centred care, while adhering to regulatory and ethical standards.

8. How will learners access their module materials and classes?

The entirety of this course is accessed online. Impact Futures uses a comprehensive e-learning platform for maximum flexibility and convenience. Online learning presents numerous benefits for care home leaders and their teams. This also means that there is no need for learners to step away from the work environment at any time. They can learn from wherever they happen to be.

9. What if our employees already hold a Level 2 Health & Social Care qualification?

If that’s the case, this new Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate could still benefit your staff, owing to its refreshed and updated content and focus. That said, eligibility for funding via the DHSC will be impacted if learners already hold a Level 2 qualification, so, you may need to evaluate internally whether you’d like to go ahead, to ensure that the budget spend is entirely necessary.

10. Will the upcoming General Elections impact the funding for this course?

The pre-election period began on 25 May 2024. Any decisions or wider activity relating to funding availability for the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate are suspended for now, pending fresh consideration by the government that will form after the General Election.* Impact Futures will ensure that you are kept informed of any developments on this as they arise. Keep an eye on our website and social media, or call 01753 596 004 for updates.

Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate

The new Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate represents a substantial shift forward in the professional development of the social care workforce. With laser focus on adult social care modern practices and advancements, such as digital skills, the value this qualification holds is undeniable. It presents a real opportunity for new and existing care workers to heighten and enhance their standing in the field.

Click the button below to visit our dedicated Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate site. There, you can register your interest early, and be first in line to claim funding. You can also read our article for more of a deep dive.

*View the latest update regarding funding for this qualification and the upcoming general election.

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