The Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship:

What you need to know as the employer


There’s always that one person at work who becomes essential to the team. The glue that holds everything together. The go-to individual for the solution to any challenge. Often, they become that person by accident, without any specific training. They just ‘get’ it. You know that if they left the business, their absence would be felt. 

Everyone can see that with just the right training and development, this person would soar. The sad reality is, people like this aren’t nurtured or appreciated nearly enough, with their value only recognised after they’ve left for a better opportunity.

The Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship is designed specifically with this type of person in mind. It provides a robust qualification, ensuring they have a legitimate grounding in the skills, knowledge, and behaviours needed to excel in their essential role and progress beyond it – and all while they continue to support their teams and maximise your company’s productivity.

Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look at this incredible qualification. 

What is the Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship?

This apprenticeship equips professionals with a terrific foundation of skills, knowledge, and behaviours needed to nurture their role as the beating heart of any team. On the course, they will:

  • Build upon their comprehensive knowledge of your organisation - how it sits within its market, who the main stakeholders are, and what external events might influence its operations
  • Gain an understanding of all the different teams within your organisation, their processes, and how they interact
  • Learn the communication skills required to be able to talk to internal and external stakeholders at every level
  • Become super-organised, using IT solutions and data to support your teams with reports, problem solving, and logistics
  • Discover how to manage projects, ensuring the whole team brings in a successful result

A Level 3 Business Administrator qualification is the equivalent of 2 A’ levels. The course lasts for 18 months, with the final 3 months focused on preparation for the important End Point Assessment (EPA).

During the course, business administrator apprentices have monthly masterclasses from Impact Futures Development Coaches, with some additional assignment work. They’ll also spend 6 hours per week on Off-the-Job Training, focused on expanding their knowledge and skills within your organisation.


There are many upsides to embracing the Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship - for learners and businesses alike. For example:

Always a challenge for employers. Investing in training and support is one way to ensure staff want to stay with you, giving your organisation a healthy, home-grown pipeline for the future

Well-trained staff who are confident in their skills and knowledge will enhance team efficiency and ensure challenges are addressed professionally

Quality professional development keeps people invested in their role and in the business as a whole

The Level 3 qualification is recognised and valued in the business world, as it incorporates all the aspects that add value to business teams

Those on the course don’t have to take time out of work, allowing them to earn while they learn and business as usual for your organisation

Coursework can be tailored to the business learners are in so they can build a skill set specific to you as their existing employer

There are many upsides to embracing the Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship - for learners and businesses alike. For example:Organisational purpose, activities, aims, values, vision, resources, processes, and structure

  • The role of the Business Administrator within the team
  • Internal and external customers, clients, and suppliers
  • Laws and regulations (including GDPR, H&S, Compliance)
  • Business principles, e.g., managing change, finances, and project management
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • The markets in which the organisation operates
  • Internal policies, and key sector business policies
  • External factors which impact the organisation
  • Using IT solutions to carry out tasks
  • Making effective decisions
  • Building and maintaining positive professional relationships
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving, planning, and managing resources
  • Recording data and documents

As you can see, the curriculum is both comprehensive and customisable to the companies’ learners are working for. This means, at the end of the course, you’re getting someone who is tailored to the needs of your specific business.


The Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship is delivered with a blended learning approach. Apprentices have monthly, online sessions with their Impact Futures Development Coach, along with practical training through their workplace. The Development Coach visits the workplace regularly to meet both line managers and apprentices.

The apprenticeship takes 18 months to complete, including 3 months which is focused on the End Point Assessment (EPA) to ensure learners are fully prepared. The EPA is the external assessment that takes place at the end of the apprenticeship. Its purpose is to check the apprentice has fully absorbed all the knowledge, skills, and behaviours expected for a Level 3 Business Administrator.

An assessor from an independent EPA organisation will visit the workplace or meet at another suitable venue. They will look at the apprentice’s portfolio of evidence, gathered throughout their apprenticeship.

The assessment itself has 3 parts:

  • Knowledge Test - which can be done on a computer, on paper, or verbally
  • Project Presentation - the project is undertaken as part of the apprenticeship
  • Portfolio-Based Interview – to go over the work the apprentice has completed


As ever, Impact Futures offers excellent levels of academic and pastoral support to apprentices (pastoral support is emotional and informational assistance, advice, and guidance). 

Academic support comes from our experienced Development Coaches (DCs), with monthly meetings, feedback on work, and interim additional support where required. We also have specialist Functional Skills tutors to support with Maths and English where needed. Pastoral support is provided by our DCs, Mental Health First Aid team, and Safeguarding team. 

Here’s what just one Impact Futures apprentice said of their DC being crucial to their success:

“The Tutors at Impact Futures were amazing at keeping me going. People have always been quick to give up on me, but they didn’t. They stuck with me all the way through, and I felt that I was making them proud.”  

We also offer a wide range of support for apprentices with additional needs and will support employers with reasonable adjustments in the workplace. Our online masterclasses are delivered using PowerPoint Live, which has many inclusivity features and can be personalised by the apprentice for full accessibility.


The total cost of this apprenticeship is £5,000. However, there is funding available to cover the vast majority of this cost. Larger companies pay into what is called a ‘Levy Account’ for just such occasions, so that a budget sits available for the professional development of employees. If you are a Levy payer, you’ll have budget set aside to cover this cost. For smaller companies who don’t qualify for a Levy account, larger companies can do what is called a ‘Levy transfer’, where they can donate some of their Levy budget to SMEs, so their employees are able to access quality learning. You can learn more about Levy accounts and funding in our next article.

Impact Futures has been very successful in securing levy transfers for many of the SME employers we support. If you are an employer interested in exploring this route, have a conversation with our Partnerships Team.


The Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship provides employees with a robust set of skills and a plethora of knowledge, enabling them to support their organisations to greater productivity.

When employees feel valued, and their needs are understood, staff retention and wellbeing stats go through the roof, along with productivity and, therefore, company profit. Line managers of apprentices also develop their own mentoring skills, empowering them to support wider workforce development. The investment is a win for all involved. It makes sense to make the most of it. So, ensure your company doesn’t lose those people who are clear and shining stars on your team. Investing in them is insurance that your business remains on an upward trajectory.

Whether you’re a business looking to upskill your staff in a cost-effective way, or a learner keen to get ahead in your career, call 01753 596 004 today, and we’ll explore what’s possible – together.


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