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National Apprenticeship Week is an important date in the calendar for the team at Impact Futures. Just like a parent meticulously orchestrates Christmas festivities with remarkable dedication to celebrate and mark this special occasion for their beloved children, we eagerly anticipate and plan for this significant week each year. It’s a week that brings people together to commemorate the value, benefits, and opportunities that completing an apprenticeship brings.


This is our Christmas - a chance to celebrate the great work of not only our team but also our wonderful apprentices. To commend all their hard work, their amazing successes and achievements throughout the previous academic year, and their ambitious learning and development plans for the future.

For Impact Futures, National Apprenticeship Week 2024 serves as a beacon, allowing us to take a moment to reflect on the past, as well as shining a light on the future, reinforcing our commitment to apprenticeships and the transformative power of developing skills for life.

Fittingly, “skills for life” is the theme for this year’s event – the 17th annual celebration of apprenticeships. The theme perfectly encapsulates everything important to us at Impact Futures and aligns with our core values summarised through the acronym LIFE: loyal, innovative, fun, and experts. Like the focus of this year’s National Apprenticeship Week, we are huge believers in the transcendent power of apprenticeships and how they give so much more than industry knowledge and understanding. They give people skills that they can carry throughout life and apply to their lives, both professionally and personally.


Gone are the days of the many misconceptions around apprenticeships; as a society, we now understand that there is so much more to completing a programme than what we once associated them with. In the past, we wrongly assumed an apprenticeship programme was something for post-school teenagers looking for another avenue to gain skills and employability rather than taking the traditional route of a university that many opted for. This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

There are so many perks to enjoy when you complete an apprenticeship programme. They have the power to not only unlock your potential but also offer a treasure trove of other opportunities and skills that you can carry with you throughout your life. Below we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 benefits of completing an apprenticeship – check them out and begin the journey to transforming your life.

There really is an apprenticeship for everybody, whether you’re fresh out of school and considering your next move, contemplating a career change and looking to develop new skills and knowledge to increase your chance of employment, or simply looking to level up and gain skills for life, an apprenticeship could be just the thing you’re looking for.

One of the greatest things about apprenticeships is that people at every stage of their career can complete one; that’s right, there’s something for every professional level, whether you’re an eager junior or a seasoned senior manager (and everything else in between), we have programmes available for everybody that can transform your future and equip you with lifelong skills and knowledge. Our sectors include Business, Childcare, Health and Social Care, and Leadership and Management.

As a leading provider of apprenticeships and skills training, we understand that acquiring skills is not the sole goal of completing a training and career development programme. The beauty of an apprenticeship is that you’re not only developing all the skills and knowledge one would expect from undertaking a training programme, but you’re also gaining unparalleled hands-on experience.

You’ve got the unique chance to apply newly developed skills in real-time – something that other study programmes don’t always offer. The benefits of this are incomparable: you’ll see a noticeable confidence increase because you’ve bridged the gap between theory and practical, a deeper understanding and retention of skills as you actively engage with your day-to-day activities, and lastly, you’ll enhance your employability due to your newfound experience. It really is a win-win situation for you!

There’s a reason why apprenticeships have become so popular in recent years. One of the major benefits of completing an apprenticeship for individuals around the country is that they have the chance to upskill and progress in their careers while still earning a salary. That’s right – you have the unique opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. You won’t face the dilemma of having to choose between a pay packet at the end of the month and developing your skills because, with us, you have the option to do both. It’s a sustainable and long-term commitment to your future career and future life skills.

At Impact Futures, we are well aware that one size simply doesn’t fit all. That’s why our apprenticeship programmes can be tailored to your interests, strengths, and long-term career goals. Those school days of sitting through lessons and examinations, which you knew would add no real value to your future ambitions, are long gone. We have programmes in a wealth of different industries that will be sure to ignite your passion. Together, we can turn your passion into a rewarding career and pave the way to promotion.

Completing an apprenticeship programme is an investment in a future filled with endless opportunities and professional fulfilment. Why? Because apprenticeships give you the unique opportunity to boost your employability options and let’s be frank here, employers love a prospective employee with hands-on experience. Beyond your industry skills, completing an apprenticeship shows employers your dedication, soft skills development, and your commitment to hitting the ground running.


It's 2024, and apprenticeships are finally being celebrated and given the credence they deserve. These days, we understand that they’re not just a stepping stone to satisfy your employer and give you an industry-relevant qualification, they’re a launchpad to endless possibilities and equipping learners with skills to carry throughout their lives. This National Apprenticeship Week, we’re taking the time to celebrate the importance of lifelong learning. Apprentices we salute you, but we can’t forget our brilliant Coaches either. We may be biased, but at Impact Futures we have the best in the business, training others and helping to transform their lives.

To discover more about our apprenticeships we currently have available at Impact Futures, you can start by having a look through the sectors we operate in right here on our website, or fill the form in below and a team member will be in touch to give you guidance, and help you towards a brighter future!


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