Healthcare team on the frontline: 18 months and counting 

Take a look at our healthcare team's devoted efforts during the pandemic

Members of the Healthcare team at The Childcare Company and Impact Futures worked on the pandemic frontline over the last 18 months, many training to retain occupational competency and demonstrating exceptional qualities in supporting the country's response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Time to train and maintain

Clinical Educator Anna Hadley spent her time out of work in 2020 attending webinars and training sessions, enabling her to maintain CPD and occupational competence.

While face-to-face volunteering opportunities were sparse during the first national lockdown, Anna has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to remain up to date with current practice by engaging with courses in: Dementia Awareness, Alcohol awareness-RCN, the AHP Support Worker Apprenticeship Conference, Youth Mental Health, the Advanced Nurse Practitioner Conference and Cancer Nursing Practice Webinar- RCNi. 

In support of the country's fight against Covid-19, Anna is currently preparing to volunteer for the national booster vaccination programme in the coming three to six months.

Healthcare Development Coach Carren Buckland worked weekends in domiciliary care during Covid, and continues to do so in order to support the team during the new Covid outbreak. This has helped her to maintain her competency and extend her training and experience. Development Coach Michelle Kerridge continued to participate in Pontiac II - a biannual clinical trial and study in the prevention of cardiac events in diabetic patients without previous cardiac diseases.

Development Coach Tim Brown also maintained his skillset through his work as an Ambulance Technician, providing medical cover to film sets, TV sets and isolation hotels.

Tim's hands-on work also included being frontline with 999 calls, and Covid testing at events and schools. Tim described how his work had allowed him to keep his clinical skills refreshed, and remain on the cutting edge of the latest procedures and policies.

By remaining in the field and maintaining clinical competencies in healthcare provision during Covid-19, the team have operated on the frontline of advancements and evolutions in healthcare and healthcare training, demonstrating a true vocational spirit in their healthcare occupations.

Taking on new responsibilities

Many care workers were thrust into unfamiliar situations during the pandemic, and the Healthcare team was no different. Development Coach Leslie Tillyard recognised that a local care home was under strain due to staffing shortages, and volunteered in varying capacities, from carer to nurse.

Leslie learnt about new equipment used for testing blood sugars, but said the 'most enjoyable' aspect of the job was talking to dementia patients. Leslie commented:

"As a trained nurse I went in to help wherever they required, sometimes I supported as a carer, sometimes I was required as a nurse. I have no problem with helping out where I can, and used the opportunity to complete some CPD."

Lead Clinical Educator Claire Hollywell spent the pandemic working in quarantine hotels as an onsite nurse, caring for more than 700 residents, as well as Afghan refugees. In the hotel, she cared for Covid-19 patients, and those with other healthcare needs: 'both physical and with their mental health'. Claire also worked to carry out Covid-19 testing and as an onsite Covid medic elsewhere.

Development Coach Leanne Bailey was working as the manager for a domiciliary care provider, undertaking care calls and directly working with those who had come out of hospital with Covid. In addition to this, Leanne took on an added level of care responsibility during the pandemic to support her vulnerable aunt. While none of these additional roles were anticipated, each care team member undertook them voluntarily.

Furthermore, Clinical and Healthcare IQA Angela Atkinson used her clinical skills in an alarming situation with an unconscious casualty in the last year; Angela kept the casualty safe until help arrived, using her training and clinical skills to ensure no further injury was sustained.

The team has demonstrated the exceptional application of healthcare skills, qualities, and behaviours to support people across the country as the pandemic has unfolded in England.  

Demonstrating a community spirit

The Healthcare team also worked to lift the spirits within their local communities across the country. Development Coach Elaine Roden took part in sewing circles, creating scrubs and mask adapters for NHS and frontline staff, as well as hats for the SCBU.

Clinical Healthcare IQA Zoe Pike held an outdoor event to celebrate help received from volunteers. In addition to her event organisation, Zoe volunteered to deliver vaccines and provided mental health support.

Development Coach Kerry Murray continued to work at her hospital on Covid wards, maternity, and cancer wards. Working 12.5 hour shifts, Kerry also worked with very scared patients who were missing their loved ones.

In her role as Director at the Saxon Day centre, she had to fight to keep the centre going with no money coming in. With the centre closed and all staff either furloughed or working – the Manager and Assistant Manager telephoned clients to ensure they had social interactions every day. Today, the employees' hard work has paid off, and the centre is now open again.

Leslie Tillyard lifted the spirits of dementia patients who were isolated from family and visitors over an extended period. Leslie commented:

"Making them feel wanted and included in their care, a lot of them had not seen relatives for quite some time so were feeling very lonely. We had singing and dancing, creating a friendly environment. I loved this part of the job, trying to put a smile back to so many faces."

Director of Healthcare, Madeleine Robinson, commented on the Healthcare team's vital contribution to the pandemic effort in England while continuing to deliver high-quality training to aspiring and developing healthcare professionals:

"The team has really pulled together over these past two years. They have continued to help care for people in numerous and diverse ways, whilst maintaining a consistently high level of occupational competence. I am proud of them all."


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