Elevating Leadership Potential: A Transformative Residential Experience 

As part of our commitment to nurturing exceptional leaders, our learners recently embarked on a transformative journey, participating in the Level 7 Senior Leader Residential programme. This exclusive experience, designed as an integral part of our Level 7 Senior Leader apprenticeship, provided our learners with a unique opportunity to develop their leadership skills and drive organisational change. Under the guidance of the esteemed Dale Carnegie trainer, David Griffith-Sackey, this residential experience proved to be a turning point in their leadership journey. 

The Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship Residential Experience: 

At the heart of the Level 7 Senior Leader Residential programme lies the idea of stepping away from the daily grind and immersing oneself in an environment conducive to personal and professional growth. The experience was carefully curated to ensure that our learners were fully equipped to lead the transformation and invigoration of their respective organisations. 

One of the core strengths of this residential programme was the creation of a supportive and confidential environment. By engaging with like-minded delegates, our learners were able to foster meaningful connections and share experiences. This peer-to-peer learning approach allowed them to gain fresh perspectives and valuable insights from diverse industries, broadening their horizons as leaders. 

Central to the residential experience were the expert facilitators, spearheaded by the renowned Dale Carnegie trainer, David Griffith-Sackey. Their expertise in professional, personal, and leadership development helped to guide the learners throughout the programme. Through workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions, the learners were encouraged to reflect on their leadership strengths, identify blind spots, explore untapped talents, and recognise opportunities for growth. 

The residential setting provided a unique space for guided reflection, giving our learners the time and space to connect with their true potential as leaders. Away from the distractions of everyday life, they delved deep into their own leadership styles, understanding how to best leverage their strengths while addressing areas for improvement. 

Leadership Inspiration and Transformation: 

The Level 7 Senior Leader Residential experience served as a wellspring of inspiration for our learners. They returned to their organisations with a refreshed approach and invigorated vision for their roles as leaders. The insights gained from this programme enabled them to implement innovative strategies and drive positive change within their teams and companies. 

An essential aspect of this residential experience was the small group setting with strictly limited numbers. This exclusivity provided an unparalleled, premium learning environment, ensuring that each learner received personalised attention and support from the facilitators. The intimate setting fostered an atmosphere of trust, enabling our learners to openly discuss challenges and collaborate on finding effective solutions. 


The Level 7 Senior Leader Residential programme, in collaboration with Dale Carnegie trainer David Griffith-Sackey, proved to be an unforgettable and invaluable experience for our learners. Equipped with newfound leadership insights, renewed inspiration, and strengthened connections, our learners are now primed to lead their organisations to new heights. As they continue their Level 7 Senior Leader apprenticeship, the lessons learned and the bonds formed during the residential programme will undoubtedly continue to shape their leadership journey for years to come. 

For more information and to take part in our Level 7 Senior Leader apprenticeship, visit our website: Impact Futures - Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship