Elevating futures: The Childcare Company and Impact Futures meet for strategy conference

The Childcare Company and Impact Futures were delighted to hold a company-wide in-person gathering on 25th November, the first since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The celebratory event, which was held in Birmingham city centre, was the first opportunity many had to meet their colleagues in person following a significant increase in staff over the last 18 months.

The conference provided the team with key updates, future opportunities, and the chance to socialise and celebrate the beginning of the festive season.

Company strategy conference: Elevate

The conference marked the launch of the groups Elevate strategy. As The Childcare Company and Impact Futures continue their trajectory of significant growth into 2022, the Elevate strategy unites all employees with the goal of improving and streamlining systems and processes. Elevate is representative of the company’s vision; the belief that 'you can only elevate individual performance by elevating the entire system'.

The day also allowed all employees to reflect on both companies’ progress. The companies have both done incredibly well over the past year, and progress is not slowing - with forecasts predicting 5,257 learners by August 2022.

Awards Ceremony 

Awards were handed out following the conference to those who had gone above and beyond, with award winners as follows:

Celebrating 10 years of service: Sandra Martin, Mandy Castle, Mala Sharma

Super Supportive: Sarah Daffern

Amazingly Inspirational: Georgina Adams

Makes My Day: Kirsty Taylor

The Innovator: Hannah McCormick

Best Blunder: Sophie Hayter

Rising Star: Georgia Pattison

Special Recognition: Jane Conneely

LIFE Champion: Will Rudd

After the award ceremony, the Christmas party began. The party allowed employees to celebrate the incredible success of our companies over the past year, not to mention bear witness to the amazing dance moves of colleagues they’d previously only seen through webcam.

What's next for The Childcare Company and Impact Futures?

The Childcare Company and Impact Futures plan to take the business to the next level with the Elevate strategy - by growing our business, captivating clients, and evolving our brand to shape the future. Each department has committed to Elevate their performance, with varying goals such as being growth ready, enhancing our client partnerships through marketing and engagement plans, and showcasing our success through innovative stakeholder feedback systems.

CEO Guy Helman commented:

"It was a wonderful experience to meet everyone in person. Our team at The Childcare Company and Impact Futures have worked incredibly hard throughout the pandemic, and I am proud of each one of them. Our success has always depended on our hard-working employees, and both companies increasing success is due to their dedication, loyalty, and expertise”.

The overwhelming unity and celebration that The Childcare Company and Impact Futures enjoyed on leaves a great sense of anticipation for future growth and success.


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