Development Coaches: A balanced approach to learning

At Impact Futures/The Childcare Company, we believe learning goes deeper than traditional teaching. Delivering a world-class educational experience requires something more than the traditional teacher/student relationship. 

While teachers primarily focus on imparting new knowledge and bolstering the academic prowess of their learners, coaches take it to the next level. They meet people where they are in terms of their skills to date, and develop key strengths, abilities, and goals in partnership with the learner.

Coaching also helps people get out of their own way. Coaches have several methodologies in their tool kit to identify that which blocks someone from achieving their dreams – whether it’s a lack of confidence, past trauma, mental health challenges or a history of self-sabotage – and work with individuals or groups to remove those obstacles and free people up to succeed. 

So, what advantages do coaching fundamentals bring to the apprenticeship learning journey? Let’s explore and discover the value of coaching in education delivery.

Coaching vs Teaching

The first step towards understanding why coaching is different to teaching, is to compare the two in more detail. Let’s have a look at how the two differ from one another:

As you can see, both coaching and teaching have their own distinct characteristics. However, there is nothing here to say that one is better or stronger than the other. Teaching is a time-honoured, tested way of providing people with foundational knowledge and skill. Coaching is more of a contemporary ideology that looks beyond the subject matter and gets to the heart of how a person learns, and the psychology of success. Both approaches are effective; so, what if you blend the two together?

The teachers of tomorrow

The beauty of the approach taken by Development Coaches at Impact Futures is that learning is delivered with a hybrid approach, marrying coaching and teaching techniques to ensure a balance of practical and theoretical skill building, as well as a personalised experience for each learner.

Everybody learns differently. Some people are visual learners. Others respond more strongly to audio resources. Some are confident and outgoing. Others are introverted and plagued by self-doubt. No matter the individual’s persona and needs, Development Coaching is designed to provide knowledge, instil new skills, and consider how the individual shows up for the learning. This ensures that the courses and programmes we offer have the highest personal value and impact for our learners. 

We’ve seen some incredible achievements from those who have completed apprenticeships and training with us. For our Development Coaches, it is extremely satisfying to see the great things our learners go on to do. Their success, and ours, is very much a collaboration. That’s why we believe our Development Coaches are the teachers of tomorrow – facilitating forward thinking and future success.

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