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Adept Care Homes stands as a source of pride for its dedicated staff. Our appreciation for this esteemed organisation is equally shared, underscoring the profound respect we have for our meaningful partnership. At Impact Futures & The Childcare Company, we are privileged to collaborate with Adept Care Homes.

Together, we are committed to leading initiatives that enhance the well-being ofindividuals throughout ourcommunities.

Apprenticeships serve as invaluable pathways for individuals looking to boost their industry knowledge and skills and drive their career progression. Here at Impact Futures, our programmes available perfectly blend structured learning with practical, hands-on experience, giving learners the chance to not only develop their theoretical knowledge and understandings but apply these newly acquired skills in real time.

We are firm believers that an apprenticeship journey is one of learning, growth and professional (and personal) development. We’re passionate about providing our learners with a platform for success, yet we don’t just focus on their final destination but on the importance of the entire journey and making it one that has a long-lasting impact on their lives.


We recently sat down with our lovely apprentice Nicole Renton, who is progressing through a Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker apprenticeship.

Nicole is a senior care assistant at Adept Care Homes in Nottingham.

Throughout our chat, she shared her insights and experiences about her apprenticeship thus far, what it’s like learning with Impact Futures and what she’d say to somebody considering an apprenticeship.


This programme has shown me what I can achieve when I apply myself. Not just qualification-wise, but my ability to push myself to have a deeper understanding of my day-to-day tasks, what is expected of me and to be a key source of information and best practices for my colleagues. That has felt really rewarding - to be seen as a competent member of staff that people can turn to if they need support or a bit of reassurance.

Working through this apprenticeship has really helped to improve my communication skills, something that was one of my motivations for completing this training. I also feel so much more confident delivering healthcare services to our patients. 


Impact Futures has been fantastic since the start of my training. They are a great organisation, and the entire process has been so smooth – I’m due to complete my training in the next month, and I’ve not had one issue throughout. My coach was so dedicated to helping me succeed and really helped me grow. I never thought I’d be able to achieve what I have over these last 18 months. 


The training programme has really built my confidence, understanding and willingness to learn. The apprenticeship helped me to develop skills and a greater awareness of topics and care practices that I’d heard of but had no real knowledge of.

It has felt different from courses I’ve completed in the past; it’s allowed me to apply daily practice right away. It has enabled me to be a more competent professional and progress to a higher role. 

It has also opened so many new doors for me beyond healthcare. It has given me skills in English and Maths, things that I will carry with me throughout my life, and I am truly grateful for that. 


I’d say go for it! Don’t let your worries and lack of confidence stop you from starting this journey. Honestly, you won’t look back. This apprenticeship has helped me to develop a deeper understanding of health and social care. It will do the same for you.

Nicole Renton

Acting Senior Care Assistant
"The training programme has really built my confidence, understanding and willingness to learn. The apprenticeship also helped me to develop skills and a greater awareness of topics and care practices"


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