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As National Apprenticeship Week 2024 approaches, we take a moment to connect with some remarkable apprentices and delve into their experiences with Impact Futures. In our first "we sat down with..." apprentice chat, we had the pleasure of conversing with Jay Sparkle from Little Adventures.

Jay brings 15 years of experience in the Early Years sector, currently serving as Head of Operations at the nursery. He shares insights into his educational journey, motivation for undertaking the apprenticeship, and the invaluable support he’s received from Impact Futures.

Jay's hands-on approach to learning and the transformative impact of the apprenticeship on his leadership role exemplify the essence of practical, career-focused education.


At the heart of everything we do is our people, whether it’s our dedicated workforce, our inspiring apprentices and learners, or the wider community.

We understand that people are the beating heart of our organisation, and we want to not only champion them as they charge toward educational and career success but celebrate their remarkable achievements when they do.

With National Apprenticeship Week 2024 nearly upon us, there’s never been a better time to catch up with some of our wonderful apprentices and hear everything they have to say about their apprenticeship programmes: to discover more about their personal experience of training with Impact Futures, how it has added value and a greater depth and knowledge to their day-to-day job roles and, ultimately, how they’re developing skills for life. In the first of our “we sat down with…” style apprentice chats, we were joined by the lovely Jay Sparkle from Little Adventures.

It was a really insightful and fascinating conversation, and one not to be missed. Check it out below!


I’ve worked in the Early Years sector for 15 years, progressing from a practitioner through to my current role as Head of Operations within the nursery. Throughout this journey, I completed my BA(Hons) degree in Early Years Education, which has been really important in helping my career progression and, more importantly, in ensuring our children get the best possible outcomes and experiences from their early years education. Alongside my job role, I’ve also held other additional responsibilities and positions, including SENCO, Designated Lead for Safeguarding, and Mental Health First Aid.


Several factors motivated me to sign up for an apprenticeship programme. Firstly, I knew it would hugely benefit me as Head of Operations at Little Adventures Nursery. In particular, I wanted to fully get to grips with what it meant to be a leader but also how to engage the right stakeholders at the right time. Another of my main goals for completing an apprenticeship was to not only develop skills and advance my career but also actively contribute to the company’s future growth. It was actually my manager who suggested I complete this programme with Impact Futures, and I couldn’t be happier with that advice and direction.


I’ve enjoyed my time on the apprenticeship so far. I knew the traditional classroom setting wasn’t quite right for me. I benefit from a more hands-on approach to learning; applying newly acquired skills on the job is something that appealed to me about completing an apprenticeship. There is something about rolling your sleeves up and diving into the real working world that takes your understanding to a whole new level – where theory meets practical.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
While I’m not necessarily on a strict path to enrol in another programme immediately after I complete this one, I’ll never say never about further study, and I will keep a keen eye on any golden opportunities that may arise to continue my career development. I’m excited about what lies ahead post-apprenticeship, particularly how my newly developed skills and knowledge will help me evolve as a leader and positively impact my role.

Are you happy with your partnership with Impact Futures?
I couldn’t be more grateful for the support, guidance, and relationship I’ve established with the team at Impact Futures, my amazing tutor in particular. Tutor name has been on hand whenever I’ve needed him; he’s super reliable, friendly, and a fountain of knowledge. I can’t thank him enough; he has been
outstanding. The masterclasses have been brilliant, really informative, and suit my job expectancies and commitment.

Would I consider completing another apprenticeship with Impact Futures?

How has your apprenticeship benefitted you?
I think, first and foremost, as I mentioned earlier, the hands-on experience of the apprenticeship has been so rewarding. It’s not just absorbing theoretical knowledge; it is hugely beneficial to then apply this to my day-to-day activities. Perhaps the greatest benefit has been the confidence boost from the apprenticeship programme and the support my tutor has given me. Knowing I have the knowledge and ability to apply what I’ve learned to my everyday job responsibilities has really shifted my professional mindset for the better.

Jay Sparkle

Little Adventures Nurseries
"Knowing I have the knowledge and ability to apply what I've learned to my every day job responsibilities has really shifted my professional mindset for the better!"


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