Kelly Spiers: Stepping up to a senior role

Impact Futures apprentice with Valorum Care Group

About Kelly 

"It gives you the opportunity to work and learn at the same time...all these other avenues open up to you as well" 

As a single mother with three children, when Kelly was made redundant it left her dangling. Lacking academic success at school, the majority of Kelly’s education was undertaken as an adult- but she still needed a qualification that would secure a job and development path she really wanted.

After securing a position with Valorum Care Group, an opportunity arose that would help her reach her goal of attaining a senior position, gain workplace confidence, and increase her skills in working with vulnerable adults: a Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker apprenticeship with Impact Futures.

The level 3 programme trains individuals to lead on the provision of care for adults, and is ideal for those looking to upskill themselves in the care sector. Apprentices are also awarded a level 3 TQUK Diploma in Adult Care on completion of the training programme, further boosting their qualifications and readiness to progress in the adult care sector.

Impact Futures works alongside Valorum Care Group, a leading provider of quality care services for over 1,000 people, to equip their employees with the skill-set and confidence to perform well in their roles and advance within the organisation.

Initially, Kelly had concerns about balancing her work and children with an apprenticeship, but she found that the apprenticeship was flexible, manageable, and “fit really well” with the other aspects of her life. Two years after joining Valorum, and Kelly has been promoted to a Senior Support Worker– and she credits the apprenticeship with giving her a boost, commenting: “I do really feel it has given me the step up”, emphasising the support from Impact Futures.

In the past, Kelly had completed a level 3 NVQ in Children’s Care. While she completed the programme, she was left feeling apprehensive about further education, commenting: “Even though you do the work, you weren’t given the opportunity to let it sink in and absorb it”, adding that the course “felt really rushed.”


Throughout her apprenticeship with Impact Futures, Kelly felt that she could
genuinely take in all the information, with the course feeling more spaced out and less time-pressured. Kelly witnessed how supportive her apprenticeship environment was, describing how learners could develop their own “ways of learning”, and that support was happily provided by assessors.

All apprenticeships in the UK require the learner to have a GCSE level 4
(grade C) or equivalent in English and Maths. As Kelly did not have these, she
undertook her functional skills training alongside the apprenticeship. While this
initially felt overwhelming, Kelly found that Impact Futures supported her all the
way: “You’ve never made me feel like giving up, it’s always positive”.

The future is bright for Kelly: her original goal of promotion has been achieved, and she has her sights set on an eventual managerial position.
The Impact Futures apprenticeship was the first step of her journey, and over the next five
years, she plans to continue gaining even more “confidence and experience”.

Kelly’s gratitude towards Impact Futures and Valorum is palpable: “both have
really helped me get to where I want to be. They will be both always be a part
of my heart.”


Kelly Spiers, Impact Futures apprentice with Valorum Care Group

“I decided to just go for it… It’s been a really good opportunity, I’m 42 so when you tell people about it they’re shocked, but it’s been amazing; I can do my job, study and build myself up.”


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