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We sat down with Lorna, one of our apprentices, to discuss her learning experience and the many career benefits apprenticeships offer.


I’m Irish; I was born in Ireland and lived there until I turned ten, then our family made the move to England. Growing up, I was always an avid student, committed to my studies, and eager to learn; this is something I have carried throughout my adult life.

Even though I worked various jobs in several industries once I finished school, I always knew I wanted to follow a career path that would allow me to support those most in need of care. This stemmed from a personal tragedy in my life –when I was fifteen years old, my lovely Mother sadly passed away as a result of the neurological condition, Motor Neurones Disease.

It was this personal connection that ultimately inspired me to want to care for others every day. I know people talk about a calling to certain professions, and I am an avid believer in this, especially in the healthcare sector. I am living proof of it.

I joined Ivolve (formerly Heathcotes) in 2009 as a Support Worker, and I’ve been with the company ever since; I’ve just celebrated my fourteenth anniversary with the business. It feels surreal to even consider that. When I look back on my progression, from Support Worker to Team Leader to Manager and now my current role as Area Operations Manager, I’m proud of myself and all that I’ve achieved.


I’ve always had such a positive approach to learning. Throughout my professional career, I’ve always kept an eye on learning and development and chose training courses and programmes that I felt would be of benefit to me.

I knew an apprenticeship was a great way to combine practical elements of the job with theoretical ones and ensure my skills, knowledge, and understanding matched my career ambitions and goals in the long run.

I have found that learning on the job has enabled me to apply the theory to real-world scenarios, which has been invaluable.


The apprenticeship has allowed me to build upon the skills I already possess and further develop them. To give some specific examples, I feel that the apprenticeship has given me a greater sense of self-awareness, enhanced my time management skills, and allowed me to develop new techniques, as well as giving me the confidence and understanding to conduct and lead better team meetings as a result of the skills developed. Overall, it is shaping me into a well-rounded professional.


It’s been a fantastic journey so far ,and I believe that is purely down to my wonderful tutor. She is so supportive, knowledgeable, and always on hand whenever I need her.

It’s been really rewarding for me to have support like this and to know that somebody believes in my ability to succeed. I am most looking forward to starting my project in the coming months. That’s something I’m eager to delve into.

I’ve found the entire process enriching; completing tasks, overcoming issues, and developing new knowledge and skills has boosted my industry understanding and confidence.


I am quite an ambitious and driven person who has a real desire to progress. In the future, I see myself pursuing a more senior role when the time is right.

I am interested in operations and strategy, so maybe something within this trajectory.

At the moment, I’m enjoying the work I am doing and applying what I am learning on programme to my role, and I am confident that post-apprenticeship, I’ll be even more driven to succeed with my new knowledge and skills.

Lorna Finegan

Ivolve Care & Support
"The apprenticeship has allowed me to build upon the skills I already possess and further develop. Overall, it is shaping me into a well-rounded professional."


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