Ivan Jay Brown: overcoming challenges to achieve success

About Ivan

Ivan learns best through on-the-job training rather than in an educational setting. He's incredibly gifted and now has the support he needs in order to achieve an industry-leading qualification.

Ivan expressed how he was struggling with the copious amounts of information that he was having to intake as part of his National Vocational Qualification.

He was particularly struggling with the reading materials and said that he found it difficult to retain all the information he was reading. Ivan also mentioned that whilst he knew the answers to some questions, he was struggling to put them down in writing.

Ivan explained his background and said he has never been very academic and hasn't had to study in a long time. He doesn't find himself able to sit and read content for a lengthy amount of time, so was intrigued to know whether we had alternative methods of teaching that'd better suit his style of learning.


Ivan's DC (Jo Towersey) consulted with the Inclusion team to reassess Ivan's needs on Cognassist. Where it was previously shown that he did not have any additional learning needs, it was quickly noticed that Ivan required extra support to suit his learning style.

A Learning Support Plan was put into place which Ivan agreed to and signed. Ivan's DC also consulted with his employer to ensure that he receives the appropriate support and supervision in his job role and apprenticeship. His employer also agreed to allow Ivan to consolidate his knowledge and skills through on-the-job training as he is more of a physical and hands-on learner.

Ivan is now finding his qualification much more manageable and feels more positive that he will be able to complete it.

Ivan checks in with his Development Coach regularly, who is on hand to answer any queries he may have and to ensure he understands the educational material provided.

Ivan expressed his gratitude that this was noticed early and that we are putting the correct support in place to suit his learning style.


The development coaches at Impact Futures are friendly, approachable, and caring. They work with learners to support them throughout their apprenticeship. They discuss the learners needs and make plans to execute those needs in order for the learner to recieve the best possible apprenticeship experience.


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