Haile Wesson: Finding her place at Richmond

Apprenticeship: Level 3 Business Administration

About Haile

“It’s so satisfying knowing that I earned this just by going to work and learning why I do my job”

Halie left school at 15 before taking her GCSEs to take on caring responsibilities, and started work shortly after. She experienced bullying at school and left in difficult circumstances, but didn’t let this or her lack of qualifications hold her back from progressing in life.

Halie developed important life skills through working across various sectors in practical roles, before joining Richmond Fellowship in the Learning and Development team. Halie soon got stuck into the role and found her place within the organisation as an administrator.

Halie’s team suggested she take on the Business Administration Level 3 apprenticeship, which would help her further develop her skills and improve her business understanding. Halie said her team at Richmond Fellowship saw something in her that she didn’t see and they wanted her to excel.

The Business Administration apprenticeship develops the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to thrive in a professional business environment and to develop, implement and improve administrative services. Like many other learners, Halie found the level 3 apprenticeship to support her progression into a more senior role with increased responsibilities. Throughout her time at Richmond Fellowship, she has been promoted to Learning & Development Coordinator, and more recently to Learning & Development Officer.

For Halie, the most significant benefit has been learning on the job. While it’s easy to ‘do’ something in your job description because you are paid to do it, Halie found learning the ‘why’ made the job so much more rewarding, and she found she understood the role on another level.


Halie found the support from Impact Futures during the apprenticeship to be fantastic. While things became busy at work, with the team implementing workday learning and building a new learning management system, her personal Development Coach at Impact Futures didn’t let her give up. Halie’s coach instead helped her turn the work she was doing within the team into evidence for her apprenticeship portfolio and supported her to have professional discussions as a form of evidence submission, saving time and energy during an intense period.

The apprenticeship has had a big impact on Halie’s life. She’s found it’s equipped her with the knowledge and skills she needed to be able to move up within the team and highlighted skills she didn’t know she had. Halie finds it satisfying to know she’s learned while earning in her everyday job and has gained a significant qualification over the programme.

Haile commented:

“I get so much pride knowing that my level 3 is the equivalent of an A level considering I left school with no GCSEs.”

The future

Halie’s immediate next steps are to focus on her family life: with two children and a baby on the way, she’s thrilled to be taking some well-deserved time off work before getting stuck into her new role as Learning & Development Officer.

Halie is keen to expand her education level and enrol onto further qualifications, but doesn’t know what that looks like yet. In the meantime, she can enjoy her family life knowing she’s got a respected career-boosting qualification under her belt. Watch this space!

“Anyone that is thinking about completing an apprenticeship and isn’t quite sure if it’s right for them, I say just go for it! It’s honestly the best thing I could have done!”


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