Ellie-Mae: A role model for progression

Apprenticeship: Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker.

About Ellie-Mae

"I wanted to enroll into the apprenticeship because I wanted to further my knowledge within my sector, and it allowed me to progress within the company to a manager."

Ellie-Mae’s apprenticeship journey began when she was working as a Deputy Manager in Grange Court, a residential service run by care provider Achieve Together. Her responsibility was to ensure that, with the support of her manager, the home was run safely and that people being supported were given a high standard of care. This involved carrying out audits of the home, supervising the team, and lending a hand when additional help was required.

Ellie-Mae undertook the Impact Futures level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker apprenticeship, with the opportunity to upskill herself while continuing in her regular paid employment. A strong desire to further her knowledge of the care sector, and an ambition to attain a managerial position led Ellie-Mae to enroll on the apprenticeship and kickstart her career progression.

Achieve Together provides support for people with varied needs, including learning disabilities, deafness, autism, and PMLD (profound and multiple learning disability), amongst others. The organisation operates across England and Wales with over 400 services.

Enrolling onto the Lead Adult Care Worker apprenticeship was the perfect fit for Ellie-Mae. The apprenticeship develops leaders in adult care and is designed to increase the learner’s confidence and qualifications. The programme covers topics essential for quality care delivery, such as safeguarding, the responsibilities of a care worker, and handling information in care settings.

The apprenticeship can lead onto higher levels of training in the adult care sector; level 4 and 5 qualifications are designed for those aspiring to take on senior and managerial roles in care environments and can be a natural progression for those who’ve successfully completed the level 3 apprenticeship.


The apprenticeship has allowed Ellie-Mae to expand her knowledge further and heighten her awareness of the legislation and legalities surrounding the health and social care sector. The skills and knowledge she gained from the apprenticeship had an immediate and tangible impact on her work, increasing her job performance and confidence.

As her knowledge increased, so did her ability to pass on her new awareness and knowledge to the rest of her team. Ellie-Mae was even entrusted with training new staff and became a role model for progression and learning in her team.

While she has struggled with anxiety which has sometimes impacted her work, she found that the support from her Development Coach Carren Buckland helped greatly. By adapting her learning, they were able to alleviate the stress, which Ellie-Mae credits with enabling her “to complete the apprenticeship to the highest level.”

The future

The future is bright for this ambitious young woman. She believes that her apprenticeship gave her the chance to advance her career, having since secured a new job in a different field of health and social care.

Ellie-Mae is grateful to Impact Futures for providing her the opportunity to be “part of the steppingstones” to her future. 

"Impact futures gave me the support I required to be able to gain this diploma and has allowed me to improve my future career."


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