Apprenticeship at Clarks: The future is exciting

Apprenticeship: Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner

About Jaylene

"I’m excited to move up to a higher role and gain more responsibility. Once you take that additional responsibility you can work across other areas of the Clarks business."

Jaylyne has learned a lot since she started her level 2 Customer Service Practitioner apprenticeship at Clarks in Derby. While working on the shop floor she’s been able to apply her learning directly to the business and boost customer experience through the delivery of informed and expert customer service.

When applying for the apprenticeship, Jaylyne considered location and the online format of studying, and decided it was for her. It was a good decision: she’s thriving with the support of her line-manager and mentor Kayleigh, a manager at the Clarks store. Jaylyne commented:

“Online-based learning appealed to me, it makes me feel more productive as I can work around my own schedule rather than having set college hours and travelling in, and as a result get more work done and achieve more”.

Our impact

Jaylyne also found that the support of her Development Coach at Impact Futures,
Liz, has been consistent and stable. Liz has ensured all of Jaylyne’s workshops and
deadlines are set well in advance, allowing Jaylyne to submit work ahead of deadlines
and receive feedback in order to meet the criteria for a distinction.

Her line-manager Kayleigh has also provided a high level of encouragement and has
ensured that Jaylyne has time set aside to get her work done in-store rather than
taking it home. Kayleigh has seen the impact of work-based learning on Jaylyne’s performance and confidence at work.

Months into the apprenticeship, Jaylyne has asked questions and put into practice her learning into the specific needs of the organisation, demonstrating the power of the apprenticeship on business understanding and productivity.

Kayleigh has also found the apprenticeship delivery and assistance from Impact
Futures to be high quality and consistent. Kayleigh commented:

It’s easier to plan our rota as managers as Jay has her administration hours set, so we know when she’s not on the shop floor”.

Kayleigh has found Liz to be informative and helpful, always finding the correct
answers to the questions regarding the apprenticeship and assessment criteria for
Jaylyne. Kayleigh commented:

“It great that Clarks are doing apprenticeships. They bring a real diverse workforce to our stores, and I'm looking forward to working with more apprentices in the future."

The future

The future is exciting for Jaylyne, when she turns 18 she is keen to do her key-holder
training straight away and develop her Clarks career further.

Jaylyne looks up to her manager Kayleigh, who was also an apprentice at Clarks, and works in a senior capacity in-store. With Kayleigh's support, Jaylyne plans to progress through other areas of the business, gaining a better understanding of the organisation's operations and gaining more responsibility as a member of the Clarks team.


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