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As we commemorate National Apprenticeship Week from February 5 to 11, 2024, Suzanne Moss's journey as a passionate Registered Manager exemplifies the essence of this celebration. Suzanne shares her profound commitment to healthcare and her choice to pursue an apprenticeship for direct management skill development within Active Group. Her experience resonates with the transformative nature of apprenticeships, providing her with advanced skills relevant to her role and enabling her to make informed decisions for the benefit of those under the organisation's care services. Join us in recognising Suzanne's dedication and the impactful role apprenticeships play in the healthcare sector during this week-long celebration.


In our latest “we sat down with…” feature in honour of National Apprenticeship Week 2024, we were joined by none other than the lovely Suzanne Moss, Active Group’s passionate Registered Manager.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an aspiring apprentice, or somebody who has thought about the appeal of workplace training and development but never actually gotten around to diving into the world of apprenticeships, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss out on.

Suzanne offers valuable nuggets of wisdom, a glimpse into her apprenticeship experience, and the world of care management – an important sector that always needs more professionals to begin or develop their careers. Join us for a captivating read to discover all about Suzanne’s experience, commitment, and unrelenting will to succeed.

It is these heart-warming conversations that make National Apprenticeship Week a time for celebration and reflection. 


Since leaving school at 16, I have worked in the healthcare sector. Some people talk about it being an innate calling, and while I do believe that to be true for me, I am also confident that we all have a healthcare worker inside, just waiting to help and support others. Some of us just don’t realise it. Professionally, I am the Registered Manager at Active Group, a role that comes with a lot of responsibility; we currently offer tailored care and support to those in need at our fifty-two-bed neurology rehab centre.


I have always been a passionate learner and thrive from study and knowledge development. While I have previously enjoyed academic study through the traditional university route, having completed two master’s degrees, I wanted to try a new approach, and an apprenticeship felt like the best possible option. My rationale behind this was that I firmly believed an apprenticeship would help to further develop my direct management skills within the unit I work in and have responsibility and accountability for. Thankfully, my line manager understood and supported me through each stage of the process.


What I like most about the apprenticeship is how relevant it is to my role. I already feel that I am equipping myself with more advanced and high-level skills to make the right, informed decisions that benefit those our organisation supports through our care services.

It also allows me to consider wider factors that may impact our organisation and make the necessary judgments as a result. Embarking on this apprenticeship has truly opened my eyes to the important role that training plays in healthcare.

It is so much more than a tick-box exercise to meet your employer’s standards and requirements; it’s a transformative opportunity for people to develop knowledge and skills, but equally, make a real difference for others. I think more than ever, people need to be aware of the apprenticeship opportunities we all have available to us – these are not shouted about enough.

They’re not only for personal and professional development but also allow individuals the chance to enter a hugely important industry and positively impact the lives of those in need.

My career in this sector has shown me that helping others is so much more than a job; it’s a chance to be a pillar of support, and most importantly, to bring comfort, care, and support to those who need it most.

Suzanne Moss

Active Care Group/The Huntercombe Group
"Embarking on this apprenticeship has truly opened my eyes to the important role that training plays in healthcare!"


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