Early Years Bootcamp: A stepping stone to success


Early Years education is one of the fastest growing employment sectors in England. Nurseries are seeking skilled staff to support the increased demand. With this rapid growth comes a need for individuals and organisations to gain a competitive edge, and with that comes urgency. This is especially true since a new incentive scheme, introduced by the UK government, has come into effect - encouraging parents to return to work.

As of April 2024, up to 15 hours of free childcare per week is now available to eligible working parents of 2-year-olds. From September 2025 (only 18 months away), up to 30 hours of free childcare per week will be available to all working parents of children under 5 years old. This is huge for the childcare sector. It means we will see a surge in parents using childcare services.

How can you ensure that your skills set you apart from other childcare applicants? How can you help childcare providers offer the best service in the sector and stay ahead of their competitors?

Thankfully, there is a way.


Since Impact Futures (IF) and The Childcare Company began delivering the Early Years Education Essential Skills Bootcamp, it has only continued to grow. For example:

  • There are 111 learners actively completing the programme as we speak – some of whom already have job offers pending
  • 43 people have finished the course so far this year
  • We have a further 40+ people signed up to join upcoming cohorts
  • 5 newly-certified learners have secured job offers and are embarking on a fulfilling career

These intensive Bootcamps have supported almost 200 learners. Completion earns each learner their Certificate of Completion and Paediatric First Aid qualification - all within just 10 weeks.

Intrigued? Let’s take a deep dive into these bootcamps and examine the ways they provide a gateway into this expanding sector.


The Impact Futures/The Childcare Company Early Years Education Essential Skills Bootcamp is a part-time, 10-week, Level 3 Accelerated Apprenticeship. Learning takes place 1 day per week and is delivered online. This means you can access sessions and tutor support from wherever you happen to be – providing flexibility as you learn.

The Bootcamp serves as a great first step into the full apprenticeship – a taster of sorts - giving you the chance to explore the apprenticeship experience before committing to the full qualification.


Wondering what you can expect from Bootcamp? The programme is designed to both accelerate the learning journey and guarantee that you emerge the other side fully prepared for work in childcare and equipped with the most vital skills and knowledge to start your career strong.

On the course, you will:

  • Gain essential and required Early Years foundational knowledge (health & safety, risky play, safeguarding, prevent, etc.)
  • Explore topics like learning in nature, sustainability, child development, and behaviour
  • Complete an accredited Paediatric First Aid qualification
  • Experience a half or full day work placement
  • Receive world-class support from our experienced tutors
  • Be required to pass a DBS check, ensuring readiness to start work


By completing the Bootcamp, you are guaranteed an interview for a real job vacancy at the end of the course. Our Delivery Coaches will support this process, advising on interview tips, confidence building, and overcoming obstacles. Support is personalised to your needs, as our tutors help you to take control of your career journey.

Previous bootcamp participants have gone on to positions at Just Imagine Nurseries at Canvey Island, and Caldecote Day Nursery.

Of course, you can also continue your learning journey while employed. Completing Bootcamp course means you can choose to continue onto a full , working, learning, and earning with one of our employers. Everything learned on the Bootcamp course counts towards your apprenticeship, making the full course shorter.

A full, Level 3 Apprenticeship will give you everything you need to work and progress your career in Early Years. Career development opportunities include becoming a Lead Practitioner, or an Early Years Teacher.


Here is just a glance at some of the terrific feedback our Bootcamps have received:

“The knowledge I’m getting from this course is helping me understand how to deal with children in the early years. Also, in my personal life, as I have a young daughter with challenging needs, it’s helping me understand her development.”
“After each week, I leave the Bootcamp feeling happy and ready to learn more. It has made me want to go further and do my Level 3 Apprenticeship.”
“The way you teach us is great! You also take your time to support my needs. Even when I don’t fully understand something, you give me that one-to-one support.”
“I’m so happy I’ve enrolled myself in this course and received the best of knowledge and help. It’s encouraging when you understand our situations and give us individual time.”


You can become one of our success stories. If you’re looking for a rewarding career, relevant and recognised qualifications, and want to make a difference in the lives of children, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch – there may just be an available Bootcamp spot with your name on it.

Call 01753 978538 to take the first step and talk to us about Bootcamp enrolment.


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