The Childcare Company celebrates the expansion of Partou


One thing we all love at The Childcare Company, is that we get to partner with some incredible organisations. Partou is no exception. 

Established in the Netherlands in 1984, their 700+ childcare centres have welcomed over 70,000 children, and employ 9,000 members of staff. Owing to rapid growth, Partou is expanding – marking an exciting new chapter in their impressive history.


With that in mind, The Childcare Company is delighted to congratulate Partou on its acquisition of UK childcare organisations, All About Children and Just Childcare.

These three childcare champions will unite under the Partou UK brand, eager to offer best-in-class care for children, as well as develop and provide career opportunities for those passionate to enter the Early Years sector for the first time.


The Childcare Company’s partnership with Partou allows us to work together, developing learners into licenced care givers via our Department for Education Early Years Bootcamp programme. Bootcamp learners will have the opportunity to secure employment at one of Partou’s many childcare provisions across England. This means our learners can more easily progress into paid roles at the end of their training, and Partou gains employees with the credentials they seek.

This also affords our learners the valuable opportunity to progress on to our Early Years Educator accelerated apprenticeship. This way, they can earn while they learn, add value to their skill sets, and provide high-quality, much-needed support to the childcare sector.

Witnessing our committed nursery teams ignite children’s curiosity, and nurture their adventurous spirit, is truly inspiring,” says Samantha Rhodes, Managing Director of Partou UK. “Through play, children absorb knowledge daily, empowering them to explore the world with openness and confidence. By aligning with Partou in the Netherlands, we are able to harness their expertise, insights, and scientific research to further enhance children’s development, serving as an integral part of their early years journey here in the UK.”


All About Children and Just Childcare have now transitioned into the Partou brand. In becoming Partou, they have become a leading UK childcare provider with access to world-class expertise in learning and development. 

They follow a child led approach, focussed on emphasising confidence, curiosity, and resilience, so that every child has the freedom to flourish.

The Childcare Company wishes Partou every success for this new chapter! We very much look forward to continuing our meaningful collaboration in creating impactful care and careers. 

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