Key Updates to the Level 3 Early Years Educator Apprenticeship


April 2024 heralds a pivotal moment in early childhood education with the launch of the revamped Early Years Educator (EYE) Level 3 Apprenticeship Programme. This landmark update offers a more streamlined, impactful learning journey, reshaping the pathway for aspiring educators in the UK.


Removal of Diploma Requirement:  Elimination of the diploma requirement gives individuals a more personalised education experience. This is a key shift that ensure apprentices engage more deeply with the essential aspects of early years education.

Integration of Knowledge and Skills: The revamped programme places greater emphasis on the links between theoretical knowledge building with practical application. This enhanced approach ensures apprentices are not just learning in theory but applying their knowledge in workplace settings.

Enhanced Assessment Methods: Traditional multiple-choice examinations have been replaced with End-Point Assessment (EPA) approaches. This makes it possible to assess skills in a more genuine and comprehensive way. Apprentices are assessed through practical demonstration of their learning and can now achieve a merit grade that recognises which outstanding work.

Up-to-Date and Well-Structured Curriculum: Redesign of the curriculum has brought clarity and unambiguous structure to the programme. Apprentices are able to progress logically through their learning materials which provide a solid foundation in modern best practices and the most recent advancements in early childhood education.


Collaborative Learning with Our Online Learning Platform: Delivery of the Early Years Education apprenticeship programme through online virtual learning ensures a comfortable and collaborative learning environment. Interactive digital sessions give apprentices the flexibility and freedom to complete learning at their own pace whilst still sharing learning experiences with peers through scheduled tutoring and webinar sessions.

Opportunities for Continuous Learning: The revised structure of the programme is enhanced with elements to stretch and challenge learners and provides extensive opportunities for apprentices to return to prior learning and build upon their knowledge. Fostering an approach of continuous growth ensure apprentices stay engaged with the programme and are motivated to meet, and exceed their development goals.

On successful completion of the end-point assessment, Early Years Educator apprentices witll receive a full and relevant Level 3 qualification, signifying their readiness for a career in early years education.


This update reflects a deep commitment to nurturing the next generation of Early Years Educators. As we approach the April 2024 launch, we encourage aspiring educators to embrace this opportunity to join a dynamic, rewarding sector.

To learn more about this programme and begin your journey in early childhood education, engage with our Early Years Apprenticeship experts today. Let's shape the future of education together and make a lasting impact on the lives of young learners.


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