How to make the most of your apprenticeship

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Well done, you've started your journey to a successful and rewarding career! You've got yourself an apprenticeship – congratulations! You're excited to finally start learning new skills and knowledge. You're also ecstatic about gaining hands-on work experience.

We're super excited for you to start this new career journey, and we want you to be able to enjoy it as best as you can. We're one of the UK's leading apprenticeship providers, so we know the challenges learners face during their apprenticeship and we want to help them succeed.

Here's a list of tips that'll help you make the most of your apprenticeship.

1. Preparation is key.

A little advice for you – come prepared. It says a lot to your employer about your willingness to learn if you come prepared for your first day. Why not give yourself a head start? Is there anything you need before starting your apprenticeship? For example, books to read, paperwork to fill out, and uniforms to buy.

2. Nail the first day.

Your first day sets you up for the rest of your apprenticeship. So it's important you make a great first impression. Get up early, look smart, arrive on time, and take notes. Make your employer believe they have made the correct choice in hiring you!

3. Learn from your mentor.

This is the most important tip we can give you! Learn from your mentor. Most of the time, your mentor has years of experience in your field of work. It could be that they started just as you are now. Don't just listen to their advice either; learn from their mistakes and use their guidance to carve your own path.

4. Ask questions.

Don't be expecting to know everything at first – or ever! The great thing about learning is its continuous development. You won't ever learn anything if you don't ask questions! Don't know how to do something? Ask! Need clarification on work? Ask! There are no silly questions regarding your learning. It also shows your enthusiasm to do things correctly.

5. Work/study balance.

It can often be difficult to juggle both your work and your learning hours. It's best to sort out some sort of timetable where you can manage your time effectively. There are plenty of apps that can help you do this, or guides that help you allocate time for specific tasks. Don’t forget self-care and speak up if you need help.

6. Get involved.

You're now part of a team. You've gained new colleagues, and new friends for life! Try your best to get involved and demonstrate you can be a team player and work alongside others. Don't be afraid to share ideas with colleagues, or offer a helping hand. The ability to work well with others is a great attribute to have! And one employers look for when hiring!

7. Set goals.

Setting goals is a great way to achieve the things you want to achieve. That may seem obvious, but it's overlooked quite often. What do you want to gain from this experience? Make goals on how you plan to achieve them. Creating goals will make you more motivated to succeed, and help you visualise the future.

8. End on a good note.

It's always good to leave on good terms. We know that first impressions are important. Well, so are lasting ones! Is all of your work completed? Are all the loose ends tied up? Have you said your goodbyes? It's important to have a good reputation. No matter what profession you’re in, networking is always beneficial.

Want to make the most of your apprenticeship? Follow the steps above!

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