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Kush Galoria, Level 3 Digital Marketing at

Social media and beyond

After graduating from university, I found myself without much work experience or a relevant qualification in marketing. I searched for junior roles within the digital marketing industry endlessly. In September 2021, I was employed by Impact Futures’ digital marketing team as their Social Media and Marketing Apprentice. As one of England’s largest training providers, this nationwide organisation builds on their values of loyalty, innovation, fun and expert work by supporting learners and clients through providing high-quality apprenticeships, traineeships, CPD courses, and qualification programmes.

As the team’s Social Media and Marketing Apprentice, it’s my duty to take the helm in writing, designing graphics for, and scheduling posts for the company’s social media channels to increase and optimise following, engagement and conversion. Eventually, my responsibilities will support the company in building engaging, high performing and financially viable social communities to connect with our target audiences.

The thing I most appreciate at Impact Futures is their enthusiasm to see me expand my skills in all areas of digital marketing, not just social media. The team understands how early I am in my career and that being given a variety of marketing responsibilities is the best way to find my niche within the sector. For this reason, I've seen my role expand in scope to be more design-focused. I now help the company in its elevation journey, building a consistent online identity both through designing social media graphics and creating imagery for the central function of the company. As a marketing team, we also offer clients bespoke marketing collateral for the programmes we provide their employees. This is another area my role has focused on which has advanced my level of creativity due to the different brand guidelines different clients brief us, with which I then create an array of infographic material.

Whilst being given more responsibilities is great regarding development, adjusting to any new workflow is challenging.  Kick-starting my marketing career with an apprenticeship has given me a huge advantage: it's boosted my confidence and expanded my horizons in forging a marketing career.

The apprentice who is working and the apprentice who is learning

Alongside these duties, I'm also a Digital Marketing apprentice attending monthly workshops and masterclasses, filling the qualification and knowledge gap in my CV. These masterclasses and workshops have been vital to not only my understanding of marketing but also aiding my development within my job role. Through learning about brand development, business marketing strategies, and many other digital marketing topics, my apprenticeship has made me better at my job.

As an apprentice, I realised very quickly how different each day can be due to there being two aspects to the job: the apprentice who is working and the apprentice who is learning. Some days I am in masterclasses and workshops learning how to support my employer through garnering social engagement and expanding their organisation through digital marketing. Other days I am the digital marketer who creates graphics for the company’s social media, helps the team with client-specific marketing, and designs marketing collateral. Most days I can apply what I have learnt in those sessions to my job, but to stay on top of the ‘off-the job’ learning hours I need to accumulate for my portfolio, I am given one day to set aside each week.

By nature, marketing is a trial-and-error sector of work, and it takes good practice to understand what the target market wants before they know they want it, and how to deliver that. This level of good practice is what I am learning from my fellow employees at Impact Futures and my apprenticeship Development Coach, Adrian. My day as a digital marketer is incredibly educational, as the high level of training I receive alongside it makes me better at my job.

"Kick-starting my marketing career with an apprenticeship has given me a huge advantage: it's boosted my confidence and expanded my horizons in forging a marketing career."


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