AEB funding win for The Childcare Company and Impact Futures


1 December 2021

The Childcare Company and Impact Futures are delighted to have secured £4.2 million in Adult Education Budget (AEB) funding between 1st August 2021 and 31st July 2022, enabling adults in England to develop core skills and work towards fully-funded qualifications.

The Adult Education Budget is a government-awarded fund supporting individuals over the age of 19 to develop core functional skills in English, Maths, and Essential Digital Skills. The AEB also funds first level 2, and level 3 qualifications and CDP accredited courses across a broad spectrum of sectors.

The Childcare Company and Impact Futures delivered a series of webinars to employers across England in September and October 2021, highlighting the opportunities for employee skills development and career advancement through the AEB.

The AEB webinar series highlighted the multitude of funded training programmes that The Childcare Company and Impact Futures can now offer organisations across most of England to facilitate employee career advancement opportunities, career change options and core skills acquisition.

Over 500 training providers and colleges tendered for a total funding pot of £63 million, making The Childcare Company and Impact Futures the biggest winner nationally and allowing our organisation to work with employers to:

  • Build and sustain a skilled workforce
  • Provide an achievable progression path for employees
  • Increase staff retention through becoming an employer of choice

Find out if learners in your area could benefit from Impact Futures’ AEB funding.

The AEB broadly funds the following programmes and qualifications:

  • English and Maths, up to and including level 2, for individuals aged 19 and over, who have not previously attained a GCSE level 4 (grade C), or higher
  • First full qualification at level 1, 2 or 3 for individuals aged above 19
  • Essential digital skills qualifications, up to and including level 1, for individuals aged 19 and over, who have digital skills assessed at below level 1
  • Anyone who is unemployed for any course or qualification up to level 2
  • First level 3 for anyone aged over 19 through the National Skills Fund (funding restricted)

The AEB will also support unemployed individuals to develop critical skills and base qualifications they need to kickstart a career and advance onto traineeships, apprenticeships or other short courses and qualifications.

Jan Lonsdale, Head of Partnerships at Precious Homes Care group, commented on our latest offering following her attendance at the AEB webinar series:

“If you have responsibility for learning and development, this webinar is a must. The team at Impact Futures are supportive, knowledgeable and they care about their learners (your employees).

“Having access to this extra funding, help, and advice takes some of the strain out of our current challenges to upskill a dwindling workforce pool in social care.

“Thanks to our Account Manager, Megan for all your support - you are amazing.”

Commercial Director of The Childcare Company and Impact Futures Mark Wheeler also highlighted the significance of the AEB funding and the potential for closing the skills gap:

“We are thrilled to have been awarded such a significant Adult Education budget contract- the highest of any training provider nationally.

“The fund will go a long way to supporting adults to get into work, develop skills in key sectors, kickstart meaningful careers and close the burgeoning skills gap.

"At The Childcare Company and Impact Futures, we are determined to support individuals, industries and the economy during a turbulent time. The Adult Education Budget is a crucial factor, and our recent webinars have opened the door for employers all over England to work with us and utilise our offering.”.

Enquire today about AEB funding for your organisation and let’s make an impact together.


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