Hari Channa: a rising star at Virgin Media

Level 3 Business Administrator

Hari's story

“Thanks to my apprenticeship, I’ve now had a taste of what project management entails. I hope to capitalise on this by making my ambition a reality.”

When Hari was preparing to join the workforce, the prospect of working and studying simultaneously interested him right away. Hari thought that kickstarting his career through an apprenticeship scheme was a productive use of time, and would help him to cultivate a specific skillset as he entered a competitive job market. He applied for the Commercial Associate Apprentice role at Virgin Media to do the Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship and was delighted to join the organisation in May 2021.

It’s been a fantastic decision; Hari has settled into Virgin Media and found a supportive culture where opportunities to network and learn outside of his role have been abundant. For Hari, securing the role with a recognisable and respected brand at a young age invoked a sense of accomplishment, and has been an achievement from the get-go.

Virgin Media have an established talent and careers branch, Future Careers, who provide award-winning apprenticeship, graduate and placement programmes across the organisation and attract a diverse pool of talent across their departments.As a Commercial Associate, Hari works with stakeholders to solve problems and enhance their operations in a project management capacity, all while developing hands-on experience of the intricacies of the telecommunication industry.

Hari is passionate about the work culture at Virgin Media, commenting: “I couldn’t emphasise more how Virgin Media excels in this department”. Their hybrid working model also has allowed him to work flexibly, empowering him to make a difference and excel both at home and in the office. He commented: “Being afforded the choice gives me the freedom to work in an environment that suits me.”

Our impact

Since joining the company there’s been an abundance of opportunities for Hari to explore and get involved in. He’s joined engaging communities known as networks- learning key insights applicable to the role and also in his personal life. For Hari, networking is an essential aspect of being an apprentice. Meeting other apprentices and hearing about their experiences has allowed him to settle into and flourish in the role.

The most evident benefit of pursuing an apprenticeship for Hari is the ability to earn while learning, and the gratifying feeling of knowing that he’ll have a professional qualification that’s highly valued once the apprenticeship has concluded.

He’s found Impact Futures to be incredibly supportive as a training provider on the journey as an apprentice, and he’s found the workload to be more than manageable. Impact Futures, Hari said, has consistently provided him with the clarity and transparency needed to complete his work to a high standard. He added: “apprenticeships pave the way for a younger demographic to enter the job market- diversifying the workforce.”

The future

Hari is keen to stay and progress at Virgin Media, and excited to find a role in project management while studying for the relevant qualifications.

As a plan B, he’d like to stay in his team, working his way up to a managerial level. Either way, Hari feels it’s refreshing to know he’ll have a few options to choose from when the apprenticeship scheme reaches its conclusion.

“Regardless of what role I end up in after my apprenticeship, I’m confident that I’ll have a plethora of transferable skills at my disposal, improving my employability.”


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