Charlotte Allen: the sky's the limit

Apprenticeship: Level 5 Operations or Departmental Managerr

About Charlotte 

"By taking part in this apprenticeship it sets me up for leading the function effectively, giving me the skills and knowledge needed to manage a team."

Charlotte has worked in the retail sector for 16 years, forging a promising career as a Visual Merchandiser across familiar high street brands. Having graduated from university with a law degree, Charlotte decided to pursue other avenues, and has since found a supportive and motivational employer in Poundland. She’s worked hard for the past six years with the high street brand and progressed in that time to the role of Visual Merchandising Manager.

Charlotte has always been keen to further develop her skills and job performance within the organisation, and was set on building her management and leadership skills, and improving her communication, time management and operational knowledge of the business. Her manager suggested that Charlotte consider the Level 5 Operations or Department Manager apprenticeship, and once enrolled, she’s been fully supported in work-based learning.

Charlotte credits her manager with giving her a number of opportunities to develop professionally and boost her apprenticeship performance since beginning the programme.

Charlotte has also found that the apprenticeship way of learning can benefit everyone in the team, as the skills and knowledge learned improves effectiveness in day-to-day activities, and passing on key learning points to colleagues. She commented:

“Learning on the job means that every aspect of the course is related to your role - not only do you benefit from the learning experience but so does your employer.”

Our impact

Charlotte has seen a huge impact in her life and work from doing the apprenticeship with Poundland and Impact Futures. Personal development was key for her to start the journey, but she’s learned skills that have significantly improved her working life and given her numerous opportunities within the business.

Charlotte has found Impact Futures to be extremely helpful and easy to contact, and feels at ease to contact her Development Coach for any queries, worries or concerns. The apprenticeship experience has also been really enjoyable for Charlotte, with workshop sessions always fun and interactive, and scheduled well in advance, allowing her to plan in self-study around her personal schedule and workloads.

The feedback received from her line manager has further bolstered Charlotte’s personal development has further communications skills, time management, self-awareness and professionalism. She admits that juggling day to day activities alongside learning can be quite challenging, but feels that, quote “the positive feedback received gives me the encouragement that it’s all worth it!”

The future

The future is bright for Charlotte at Poundland, and she has recently been promoted to the role of Visual Merchandising and Space Planning Manager.

The role oversees all the visual merchandising plans for Poundland’s core estate, and Charlotte manages a team of four visual merchandisers and one current vacancy. Charlotte commented:

“I’m thrilled to have got this next step in my career and that’s thanks to doing this course.”

"By taking part in this apprenticeship it sets me up for leading the function effectively, giving me the skills and knowledge needed to manage a team."


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