Anthony Risker: Progressing in care through work-based learning

Level 5 Leader in Adult Care apprentice with Swanton Care

About Anthony

“I now have an apprenticeship that fits in with my work schedule and I am learning on the job which is vital.”

Anthony Risker found a stable and meaningful career in the care sector following a period of self-employment in his adult life. Having studied a history degree at university, he was open to a variety of career paths and options post-study, but after working as a Senior Support Worker for adults with additional needs, he found that care sector was the one closest to his heart, and working in the industry over recent years has provided Anthony with some of the most rewarding and fulfilling moments of his life.

Working at Swanton Care, Anthony secured a Deputy Manager role, and after three years within the industry, he was keen to work towards a qualification that would allow him to progress while continuing to earn. He took the opportunity to do the level 5 Leader in Adult Care apprenticeship, which has set him on an ambitious path of working towards becoming a registered manager.

Work-based learning within a role that Anthony has developed a true passion for has been transformative in both his professional and personal life. Developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to become a leader and manager in an adult care setting has enabled Anthony to learn in new ways, challenge himself, and effectively support the team around him at Swanton Care. The best part of the experience for Anthony has been putting the theory he has learned into practice and seeing positive results translated to the staff team and people he supports. In Anthony’s words, ‘[the training has] made me a better parent, as I can apply everything I learn”.


Anthony has thrived during his apprenticeship with Impact Futures, embarking on an inspiring learner journey. He has received dedicated support from his Development Coach, Gail, at Impact Futures, who encouraged Anthony to develop new and effective methods of learning like observation and discussion. In Anthony’s words, “Gail has pulled so much out of me that I didn’t realise I was capable of… it’s a different way of learning. I can’t recommend Gail enough, she’s done amazingly.”

The level 5 apprenticeship has given Anthony the skills needed to manage a team and to use coaching and mentoring to upskill himself and the wider care team. Anthony added: “I think it has given me the skills and confidence to really believe in myself and the tools to push myself as far in my career as I am wanting to go”.
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The future holds exciting prospects for Anthony, who is well on his way to qualifying. He’s committed to the further study needed to become a registered manager, which will enable him to continue making a real difference to the lives of the people he supports. Completing the level 5 apprenticeship, Anthony says, will leave him in an amazing place to really pursue this dream.

Anthony is grateful to Swanton Care for investing in his development and his future within the company, and has the utmost confidence that they will continue to support his personal and professional development well into the future.


Anthony Risker, Impact Futures apprentice with Swanton Care

“The personal and professional accomplishments I have achieved stand out as something I’m massively proud of.”


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