Why choose an apprenticeship?

  • Earn a wage while you gain your qualification
  • Gain real workplace experience during your apprenticeship
  • Be an important part of a workplace structure
  • Develop your skills and knowledge with expert guidance from one of our tutors as well as your colleagues
  • Up-skill yourself in the areas employers are looking for, including: English, Maths, ICT, Personal Learning and Thinking, and Employment Rights and Responsibilities

Employers value apprenticeships because you learn on-the-job. This means you have gained value experience in the work environment and have committed yourself to achieve your qualification.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Susan the maths tutor, she was a lovely person who gave me assurance and a useful tips and support throughout my maths learning. Her learning via the webinars was an excellent way of learning and this allowed to have any questions answered immediately. A very good way of learning.” - Bhavna Patel, 2014 Apprenticeship Achiever

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Am I eligible for an apprenticeship?

To be eligible for an apprenticeship, you will need to be:

  • Aged 16 - 64.
  • Working with a contract or employment with an appropriate setting (If you don’t have a placement yet, please check our apprenticeship vacancies for an opportunity near you).
  • No longer in full-time education.
  • Not already qualified above the level you wish to do an apprenticeship, e.g. you would not be funded to enrol on a Level 2 or 3 apprenticeship if you already hold a university degree.
  • Paid a minimum of £3.40 per hour (you can be paid more than this amount but no less).

It doesn’t matter if you don’t already have many qualifications. The concept of an apprenticeship is to grow your skills in the work environment as well as leading to you achieving your qualification.

Have a look at the apprenticeship vacancies we have available. These are updated daily, so keep checking for an opportunity in your area.


What are Apprenticeships?

Get in. Go far.

Apprenticeships are about gaining real skills and experience in the workplace rather than the classroom. Apprentices are employed and work as part of a real work team with support and guidance from Impact Futures tutors, as well as their colleagues. If you have a passion for getting into work and increasing your skills on the job, then an apprenticeship is the perfect opportunity for you.

What does an Apprenticeship involve?

Impact Futures’ Apprenticeships are delivered online using our Laser® learning programme. As an apprentice you will have a contract with a work placement, and will work for a wage of at least £2.73 per hour. As you build your confidence in the work environment, you will also be gaining skills and experience in your role which will translate to your coursework. The great thing about an apprenticeship is you will gain experience and confidence in all areas. You can increase your academic skills, while also increasing your self-confidence and life skills. There are three levels of Apprenticeship:

  • Intermediate: this is typically an entry level Apprenticeship for those who have little or no experience in the sector.
  • Advanced: this is typically the level Apprenticeship for those who want to be qualified in a specific role.
  • Higher: a higher Apprenticeship is for those who want to take their learning and experience to the next level, and is often the level of qualification for management roles.

What qualifications will I achieve if I complete an Apprenticeship?

Each sector and job role carries its own apprenticeship framework, so they are not all the same. However, a framework is typically made up of:

  • Vocation qualification – this is the qualification that qualifies you for your chosen sector and job role.
  • On-the-job training, a sector specific course
  • English, Maths and ICT qualifications: no matter what job you work in, or how old you are, it is important to continue to update your Maths, English and ICT skills. These skills are invaluable, not just in the workplace, but also in your everyday life.
  • Employment rights and responsibilities: this qualification makes sure you understand what it means to be employed.

How long does an Apprenticeship take to complete?

It is a requirement of Apprenticeship funding that an Apprenticeship lasts a minimum of 366 days. The work involved in your Apprenticeship and your work schedule will also dictate the length of your Apprenticeship course.

How do I find out if I am I eligible to enrol on an Apprenticeship?

Eligibility criteria for Apprenticeships is set be the Government, and it can differ between sectors.

  • You will need to have a contract of employment with a workplace to complete your Apprenticeship.
  • You need to be aged 16 - 64.
  • You cannot be receiving any Government funding for another course, and should no longer be in full-time education. To find out whether you are eligible for the exact Apprenticeship you are interested in, please contact the Impact Futures team, or send us an application form.

What are the benefits of doing an Apprenticeship for the Apprentice?

Apprenticeships are not what they used to be. With a surge of people choosing university, people are no longer prepared for the workplace and often there is little to distinguish possible candidates for a job role as everyone has had the same experience. Choosing an Apprenticeship shows immediate commitment to a job role. You will get experience from day one and will be part of a work team. You are also gaining a valuable qualification and taking an active step onto the ladder of your future career. Employers will always be looking for people who have real work experience. Employers also know that an Apprenticeship is a robust framework of qualifications which build a variety of skills, knowledge, and experience to result in a capable and valuable member of staff.

What do employers think of Apprenticeships?

Employers who take on Apprentices have the chance to grow a member of their team from day one of their training. Apprentices are ambassadors of their business, and are eager to learn about all aspects of the work environment, as well as their chosen sector. Employers are making an investment in Apprentices, and Apprentices are investing in their own future.

What are the benefits of doing an Apprenticeship for employers?

Smaller businesses may be entitled to a £1,500 Government grant if they take on an Apprentice, or £3,000 for those businesses in the London area. You can find out more about the grant by visiting:

Apprenticeships give employers the opportunity to:

  • Grow their workforce
  • Develop existing staff
  • Access free training
  • Contribute to employment in their local area
  • Ensure all their staff have the knowledge and skills to excel in their job role

How does successfully achieving an Apprenticeship help my future career?

It is an incredible achievement to complete an Apprenticeship framework. Gaining a vocational qualification as part of an apprenticeship is the key to your future and will open the doors of opportunity for your future career. You can go on to achieve further vocational qualifications in specific areas, or in different sectors, and achieve higher qualifications as you move into promoted roles in the near future.

The opportunities are endless!

Look at the Apprenticeship Vacancies we have in your area or send us an application form. Apply Now!

I cannot thank my tutor, Rachel Stanley enough for her support and understanding of my ‘physical’ way of learning. The whole experience has been easier than I imagined. This course has helped me gain employment as a Play Worker so I have achieved my goal of being employed in the childcare sector. I am very happy, thank you.” - Lisa Malcolm, 2014 Diploma Achiever

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